Our Family

Our Family
Josh, Zoey and Me

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my readers out there!  I've been slacking on posting new blogs.  Its just so hard to do when I have a dino for a computer in my freezing computer room, lol.  And you can forget about me typing a blog on my phone, it would take me all day long to type out a page of words.  So anyways, here I am.  I'm gonna try to keep y'all up to date on our life at least once a week.  Keyword is 'try'. 

Lets see what has taken place since my last entry....

Last Thursday, February 2nd, I tried to do my quarterly duties and give blood.  Well because I'm not taking my vitamins like I should I couldn't give.  My iron was way too low for them to accept me.  I have always had issues with low iron.  My blood is in great need but unfortunately people with my type of blood if you don't keep your iron levels up you cannot give blood.  So I am trying my best to take my vitamins or eat iron enriched foods to keep the levels up.  And the next time I give blood I should be good to go.  Plus when my iron levels are that low I feel weak and don't feel like doing anything.
Well Saturday, February 4th was the annual Polar Plunge, an event that our county participates in.  The Polar Plunge raises money for the Special Olympics.  I am so proud of our county, they raised a good amount of money for this great cause.  Not sure how much exactly but it was way up there.  If I find out I will let you readers know!!  Well let me explain a little about what is the Polar Plunge.  The Polar Plunge is when the pledgees get people to give money towards the pledgee and depending on the goal that the pledgee made will decide if they go into the ocean, how long they go in and how deep they go in.  If people really want you in that cold, freezing water, they will give money to make sure you are going in.  It's a fun way to raise money for an excellent reason.  Their slogan is 'Freezin for a Reason' lol too funny, huh?  My husband does it every year.  This year my daughter was willing to go in and she did.  This year was the hottest out there that it has been in a long time.  I was very warm.  They said the water was nice, I didn't try it because I didn't bring anything for me to change into.  See pictures below of my family at the beach.

Zoey and Daddy on the beach before the plunge.

Zoey getting ready to go in the water.

Daddy and Zoey lining up to go plunge!
The beach was crowded with plungers and onlookers!

Daddy and Zoey coming from their plunge into the Atlantic!
Zoey being her silly self!

Zoey being wrapped up with our over sized towel!

Well the next day, Sunday was the Super Bowl!  Good game with great commercials.  I watch the game for the commercials, lol.  The half time was a good show with Madonna as the main act then had several other artists appear on stage with her, which included LMFAO.  That group is Zo's favorite!  She loves to dance to their music.  She will tell you 'I'm sexy and I know it'.  It is the funniest thing!  My Zoey can keep you entertained.
Speaking of being entertained by her, her paw paw and maw maw came this past weekend to see her.  Paw paw and maw maw is Josh's dad and step mom!  Zoey loves them to pieces.  They played and played this weekend.  See the pictures below and you will understand what I mean, lol.  They also came to help us celebrate our 11th anniversary.  Yes, Josh and I have been married a long time.  We went to eat at a hibachi style restaurant at the mall.  I can't remember the name but it was wonderful!  Our cook/server was excellent.  Btw that type of food is not approved for our diet, lol.  But I guess it doesn't hurt to splurge every once and a while.  Zoey did not like the fire that the cook did.  If you have every been to eat hibachi food you know that your cook makes a large fire in front of you before they cook the meat.  Well Zoey was not thrilled with that at all.  And every time our cook would make a sudden move she would whimper and put her head down on my arm.  Bless her heart!  But she did enjoy her food.  Sunday we spent sometime with them before they had to head out on the road to get back home.  Oh and we got to see paw paw's new truck, very nice btw!  It rides good too.  Josh, Zoey and I all fit in the back seat and yes Zoey was in her car seat.  Unfortunately I didn't snap any pic's of his new wheels.  Below are the pictures I'm only gonna add the names of who is in the picture.


Maw Maw Mary and Zoey

From left, Paw Paw Rob, Maw Maw Mary and Zoey on the bottom.

Well Sunday night I decided to surf on the Internet and I got a great idea.  My high school buddy, Christy, had posted pictures of a homemade Valentine gift that she did for her daughters Sunday School class.  She got the idea off of pinterest.com.  My new love.  I give her the credit for this idea though.  I was going to just do the store bought Valentine cards that have candy with it for Zoey's class until I found this wonderful idea.  So after making another trip to the store or should I say several.  I had to go to three different stores, lol.  Anyways, I spent all evening Sunday making these things.  Then I called Zoey's school on Monday to find out exactly how many kids are in her class to find out that I was six short.  That's ok though.  So another trip to the store we went on yesterday.  And this morning I will finish up her Valentines and bring them to her before her party this afternoon.  Anyways, the Valentine is a small box of cereal with a spoon and some decorations and a little note to the side that says, 'I cereal-sly like you'.  They are too cute.  I've always wanted to be crafty but I have no creative side to me at all.  So thanks to Christy and pinterest I got a homemade gift for her classmates and teachers for today.  I have attached those pictures as well.  To summarize the pictures I will show you what it looked like in my process of making them and the final product!  Enjoy them!

Tell me what you think, did I do a good job?  I am very proud of myself.  And I want to continue to be crafty.  I want to be the mommy with the cool ideas.  Once I get these kinds of crafts under my belt I'm gonna get me a sewing machine and learn how to sew and make things including clothing!  But I'm gonna have to save up money for a nice sewing machine.  Those things can get up there in price.
This week is gonna be a busy week for our family.  Hope I don't burn out. 

Plus I have got to start planning my baby sisters bridal shower, which is going to be next month.  Like I said in my first blog post, this year is going to be a busy year for us.  Which is fine with me, I like to stay busy.  Not having things to do leads to depression and that leads to overeating and gaining weight.  So wish me luck on all my endeavors this year.  I will keep y'all updated as to what those activities are and the status of them when it gets closer to time.  For now, I have three birthdays behind me, thank goodness.  But I have our anniversary coming up this Thursday.  Then we have two more birthdays near the end of this month.  I'm only counting family birthdays, not including invites we get from co-workers and friends.  I think those are the only events I have left for this month.  Oh and I didn't include today, Valentines Day, since I've already done what I'm gonna do for this day.  I think next month is an easy month as well.  Only one birthday in March.  Oops spoke too soon.  I have my 15 year high school reunion and Heather's (my sister) bridal shower.  I don't have to do anything for the reunion expect to pay our way and show up.  But the biggie is planning a wonderful shower for my sister.  I want to have the best shower I can possible give her.  I'm getting some ideas for that thru pinterest.com and thru one of my co-worker's, which is a very creative person and knows how to make things spectacular!  Well I guess I have probably bored y'all with me just rambling on and on.  I am getting off here for now and I will blog more later on.  Until then 'Love ya'!

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